Today, April 4th,  is National Chicken Cordon Bleu Day. We probably all have heard of the dish.  It seems to be one of those international chicken dishes that have been mentioned for decades….such as Chicken Kiev, Chicken ala King, or Chicken Paprikash.   But what is it really?  It is usually made from a flattened chicken breast that is layered with ham and Swiss cheese that is rolled up, coated with breadcrumbs and then sauteed or deep fried to create a crunchy exterior.   Sometimes a quick pan sauce made from wine or cream is also prepared to go over the top.

The name Chicken Cordon Bleu is translated from French to Blue Ribbon Chicken.  In 1578 Henri III of France created the highest order of knighthood and they wore blue ribbons to signify their membership.  Therefore Chicken Cordon Bleu is a chicken prepared in the highest order.  It appeared in the United States in the New York Times cookbook in 1967 and probably originated in Switzerland as a form of a  schnitzel in the 1940s.

The easiest way to celebrate National Cordon Bleu day is to get a Chicken Cordon Blue Sandwich from your local Arby’s.   It consists of a crisply chicken fillet, pit smoked ham, Swiss cheese, mayo and a star cut bun and contains 650 calories.  Here is a map and a link to help you find an Arby’s near you.




Bon Appetite!