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Find Christmas Light Displays and Restaurants Open for Christmas Near you

This is MapMuse’s busiest time of year!  We have two Christmas categories on our site  that completely overwhelm our servers (don’t worry we add more servers to make sure everything works fine).  The two categories are  Christmas Light Displays and Restaurants Open for Christmas.

MapMuse’s Christmas Light Display  webpage or  iPhone/Android apps helps you to find the biggest and brightest Christmas light displays, where ever you are.  And the apps are free to download!    You can also add your own home or your neighbors house to spread the holiday cheer!

Here are the links to both the iPhone and Android  apps.

Screen Shots from the App

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

Alternatively you can use a web version of the Christmas light display locator at


Also  if you are not in the mood to cook on Christmas day we have a interactive map on our site to help you find Restaurants Open on Christmas

And if you are finished with your shopping and are looking for other Christmas related activities please take a minute to peruse our complete list of Christmas related topics on

Merry Christmas!


Living Nativity Scenes Dramatizing the Birth of Christ

While my family was in Mexico for Christmas a couple of years ago I was fascinated by the reenactment of Joseph and Mary searching for a place to stay so she could give birth to Jesus. There was a huge procession of people following the dramatization through the streets of San Miguel. This reenactment is performed in hundreds of towns throughout Mexico around Christmas time.

The United States version of the reenactment of the Christmas story is not as mobile but also can be very moving. Living Nativity Scenes that dramatize the manger portion of the Christmas story can be viewed throughout the United States. While many of these performances are now complete there are still many being performed up until Christmas day. Here is a map to help you find Living Nativity Scenes near you.