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Maya Angelou passed away today. Read a poem in her honor.

As many of you have probably heard, poet Maya Angelou passed away today at the age of 86. In her honor I am linking to a map of independent bookstores and a map of used book stores so you can search out a book of her poetry.

Major Cinco de Mayo Celebrations, Parades, and Festivities Near You

Tomorrow, May 5th, is of course Cinco de Mayo which is beginning to rival St Patrick’s day as providing a reason to go out to a party not related to your heritage. To help you get your party on we have researched a list of major Cinco de Mayo celebrations and festivities across the country. Here is a map to help you find a place to celebrate your Mexican heritage or if your need another reason, your support of Mexico’s ┬ádefeat of ┬ámuch larger French forces on May 5th, 1862

Where to Watch the 140th Running of the Kentucky Derby

Tomorrow , May 2nd, is the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby. In your quest to find the perfect mint julep we have identified some the best Kentucky Derby Parties open to the public. Here is the map the help you in your quest:

Have fun but drive safe and sober