My wife and I have fallen in love with Danish design. Several months ago we purchased a ranch home in Reston VA build in the 70’s and are having a great time furnishing the home and searching for Danish Modern bargains. Between Craigslist and Ebay we have found wonderful bargains of vintage Danish Modern furniture. We found a set of dining room chairs by Niels Moller and a pair of club chairs by Jens Risom! They were a bargain. It was helpful that we also found a great re-upholsterer who does great work at very affordable prices.

I have discovered that you must move extremely fast and be a bit lucky to find a treasure at a great price.
As an example a set of chairs popped up on Craigslist that looked very nice. The owner did not attribute the piece to any Danish designer. I immediately emailed him back. The owner called back in about an hour letting me know that I was one of the first to email and that he had dozens of responses wanting to buy the chairs site unseen (except for the photo on Craigslist). I got in my car and drove to the other side of DC and found his home which was a plantation house build in the 1700s. In fact it was on the National Historic Preservation list and was owned at one point by Martha Washington’s family and also one of the many places that George Washington slept!. Of course the house was finished in period antique. He showed me around a bit. It was quite a treat to just see his home and furnishings! We went upstairs to a refinished attic room and I helped him move the chairs down. They were even better looking in person and in perfect condition except for a couple of stains on the seats. The chairs belonged to his wife before he was married. That explained why he had them in a 1700’s period home.

He told me about all the emails he had received and commented that he probably charged to little. If I remember correctly I think it was $150 for 6 chairs, 2 of which were arm chairs. When I got home I researched the Danish Modern chairs through the markings on the bottom of the chairs and found out that they were designed by Niel Moller. They are still manufactured to this day and his designs can be found at

Here is photo of the arm chair

Niels Moller designed "Style 64 armchair"

Niels Moller designed "Style 64 armchair"

I also came across a wonderful blog that very succinctly explains the recent popularity of Danish Modern Design; Clean lines, great craftsmanship, comfortable, rich woods, and simplicity. I’m not sure why this style is not more popular although as mentioned in this article it is becoming a very hot market.

The link to the article is

In our search for Antique stores that sell Danish Modern I have added Antique stores that specialize in Danish Modern and Mid-Century Modern to the MapMuse website .

The direct link to that page is:

If you know of a store we are missing please add it. When traveling I am anxious to visit these stores.

Let me know if you have recently discovered the beauty of Danish Modern Design. I would love to read about why you became attracted and any collection stories you may have.