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Farmers’ Market: Benefits Aplenty

Call it farmer’s market or green markets or simply markets, it refers to places where farmers come and sell off their products to ultimate consumers. Being renowned for selling locally-grown and fresh products, local farmers’ market allows consumers to pick up their own products. Moreover, these markets are the best place to pick the right products having the right nutritional content. Above all, these farmers are generally organized at every city and thus, consumers don’t have to move far away to get their desired products. So, why not to save fuel and get best products that matter best for your health?

Farmers’ market is the best place to get natural and organic food items strictly following food laws. In many countries, these markets are often organized where consumers can purchase raw food such as meats, eggs, raw milk, cheese products and such others.

From the business point of view, farmers’ market is of great importance. This kind of market is regarded as the smallest business unit. They regulate the local economy and contribute a lot to expand the business possibilities at the lower level.

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Make Your Future with Flea Market Business

The ongoing market trends and slipping control on the global economy is compelling people to look for smarter ways to earn profits. Probably that is why; people are taking the concept of flea market more seriously than ever. Local flea markets are seen as an opportunity as it has many advantages. Let’s discuss some of these advantages in brief:

The success of failure in the flea market is totally depends upon your business entrepreneurship skills.  If you know how to influence the service market, profit will definitely come to you. For getting success in USA flea markets, you certainly need to know how to demonstrate and sell products effectively. One of the best things about flea market concept is timing. Usually flea markets are conducted on weekends when people are free from their offices. So, if you can take some time out on weekends, try your selling skills and get paid in return.

Participation in flea market depends on your discretion. Decide your own time, place and way – taking part in flea market is never been easy. It is very flexible to make a living by participating in the flea market.

Mapmuse: Gather Information to Enjoy a Successful Day

Thank God there is a Sunday morning in everyone’s life, a full day to enjoy completely with friends and family members. Did you prepare a list of articles that you have planned to buy from the market? Are you planning to visit a museum or watch a new movie? Looking for a gift ideas on forthcoming occasions and days? Well! Options are endless to enjoy your day to the fullest. Why not to visit – your own guide to learn about places to live, learn, work, and play.

Mapmuse is the best medium to get quality information around your community or away from home. Learn about almost everything from dining facilities, pottery shops, art & crafts, movie theaters, garden centers & nurseries, tax preparation services, public swimming pools, sugar shack open houses, hot dog centers, Easter eggs hint and such others.
Places of entertainments will be highlighted on the site so that users can easily locate where they want to go and indulge themselves into their interests. Interestingly, the websites offers suggestions and comments from users regarding including new places and activities in the site.

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Find Great Playgrounds in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Summer is here – and if your family is anything like mine that means it’s time to get the kids out of the house and onto the playground!

We have a servicable tot lot at the end of our street, but recently I visited Clemyjontri park in McLean, VA and now other parks just don’t seem to match up.

Haven’t heard of Clemyjontri? This is an epic-sized super-playground that will make your local park look like a backyard swingset. Seen from the air it resembles a travelling circus.

Anyway, now I’m on a quest to find the best playgrounds in the country – the ones that stand out for being bigger, better, and just more memorable than your standard jungle gym (but are still totally FREE). I’ve put together a map using our Build-a-map application, check it out and add any of your favorite playgrounds or start a new map for your local area!

What to give your Dad on Fathers Day

Are you still trying to find something to give to your husband or father on Fathers’ Day. MapMuse can help. Sometimes a Dad just wants some time to do the things that they enjoy or even a chance to try something new.

Here are a few ideas of places that you can send your Dad for Fathers Day.

Golf Courses (obvious but always a top choice)
Disc (Frisbee) Golf Courses
Laser Tag
Batting Cages
Minor League Baseball Game (coming soon!)
Automotive Museums
Hire a fishing guide.
Hire a golf instructor

These are just a few ideas. To get more go to and browse our category of places to get more ideas for Fathers Day!

And Dads–Happy Fathers Day!

List Your Community’s Fourth of July Fireworks Display Information on

It has already started! MapMuse maps several topics whos traffic goes through the roof at specific times of the year. Christmas lights at Christmas, Honey Baked Ham stores at Easter and Thanksgiving, First Night Celebrations at New Years and at this time a year Fourth of July Firework Displays quickly becomes one of our top topics. If you know of firework displays in your community or are involved in putting on the Fourth of July display I hope you will consider adding information about your firework display to our map. We get a tremendous amount of traffic and this is a free way to get information out to the public. You can check to see if your community’s firework display is already posted at this link:

or if you would like to add one immediately go to the following link:

In any event MapMuse wishes everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July.